Why Warrior & Scholar?

Warrior & Scholar Dojo is the first American Kenpo Dojo in Visalia in 20 years. Our instructors have a combined 40 years of experience and teach Ed Parker’s American Kenpo.

Our goal is to help students defend themselves and build their strength and confidence. Students will learn the complete Parker / Planas system as they sharpen their minds and bodies. 

We strive to provide a fun, positive, and safe environment where students can learn and grow. Instructors are respectful of each student’s unique characteristics while also encouraging them to always try their best. 

My Journey

It all started with a spark. I saw a martial arts demonstration at the 1992 Olympic Games in South Korea. The display of skill and athleticism made such an impression on me that I immediately began researching martial arts. 

Around this same time I sustained an injury to my back, which made practicing any form of martial arts something I would need to approach with caution. I looked into several martial arts styles and came across an American Kenpo school near the university I was attending. After speaking with the instructor and carefully considering my back, I decided to try it for one week. 

Amazingly, not only did American Kenpo help with my back pain, I noticed I was getting stronger. Not just physically stronger – I began to develop a positive inner strength that carried over to my day-to-day life.

My Practice

I’ll always be a student of American Kenpo, but I’m a teacher at heart and genuinely love instructing others. I began with a small after school program years ago and it has since grown into a dojo. I want to share and pass on my knowledge and passion for this art form so that others can experience the same joy it has brought me.